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About Us

Trained at some of the world’s largest public relations firms and national television networks, our partners bring “big” agency thinking and approaches to the table when representing our clients’ interests.  However we are very cognizant of today’s business climate and are attuned to meet our clients’ goals with budgets that reflect the economic realities during these challenging times. 

We think globally but act locally!

Today’s business world is extremely competitive and highly charged with potential pitfalls that could cause companies to lose their edge or damage their reputation. Companies need to have an edge that makes them stand out from the crowd and reach their full potential and the Milagro Strategy Group can help our clients achieve that advantage, build brand awareness, forge customer loyalty while maintaining their reputation.

We understand the power of linking communications with marketing in terms of what works and what connects with audiences, not what the latest trends or fads indicate.   The senior partners of Milagro Strategy Group have been in the client seat, we know the demands and expectations of the client perspective.  We’ve been in the high profile agencies, PR departments and public affairs teams of major brand corporations. 

We have stood on both sides of the scale and bring the power, understanding and insight of that knowledge to every project and every client.  We are unique in the communications world in this regard.  We do not over promise, oversell or overestimate what is possible to achieve in the 21st century communications world.  Our opinion and advice is shaped by having been in the client seat and understanding goals and priorities.

“The reporter's view that he is performing a sacred calling can cloak him with an amazing self‑righteousness about his mission . . . Out of this attitude of mission sometimes arises an insensitivity and a mistaken belief that the reporter is entitled to ask anyone anything, at any time.”
                                                                Lou Cannon, Washington Post




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